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“ AIR “

Exhibition from 22 February 2020 to 19 July 2020
Palazzo Strozzi – Florence


“AIR”, a highly anticipated event that of the new exhibition in Florence by TOMÁS SARACENO, the Argentine artist who more than any other with his art pushes us all towards a profound cultural revolution.
The reason is very simple because inow its themes are those of the Great Actuality : Climate Change, Global Warming, Pollution, Sustainability.
With the difference that while it has also become somewhat fashionable to discuss these topics now, the artist faces and studies of these from many years.
For Florence and Palazzo Strozzi, Saraceno has created installations, so-called “sites specific”, designed specifically for its rooms. Starting from the fascinating and elegant one displayed in the courtyard: “Thermodynamic Constellation”.
These are huge spheres (prototypes of aerosolar sculptures) able to float around the world, free from borders and fossil fuels.


These aerosolar journeys reconsider the ways in which borders are established by humans, reflecting on the power of national institutions to decide who can transit, meditating on policies that dramatically affect vulnerable subjects, human beings and non-human life forms.
This means becoming a nomad of the air, moving from “Homo Œconomicus” to “Homo Flotantis” which is in tune with the planetary rhythms, aware of living together with other beings, human and non-human, and who has learned to float in the air and drifting with the wind, within its primordial being.

The General Manager of Palazzo Strozzi, Arturo Galansino, wrote that “Aria” proposes the passage from man to the center of the universe (founding concept of Renaissance Humanism) to man as part of a whole in which to seek a new harmony through destruction of any hierarchy and pyramidal vision.
A concept that the whole exhibition strongly reaffirms, since they are the fruit of the artist’s words and thoughts: “We live in an era in which the extension of ecosystems is decreasing more and more, in proportion to the intercontinental investments of agricultural multinationals. The rubbish increases and bounces from coast to coast while the wallets of few become increasingly swollen and the toxic fumes of incinerators go beyond the border. ”
And again “What is between us and the sun is controlled by a few and is increasingly compromised: carbon emissions fill the air, fine particles float in our lungs while electromagnetic radiation envelops the earth. Dictating the pace of Digital Capitalism in the era of Global Overheating. ”
And against their perspectives “Aria” proposes and suggests the idea that it is possible to live differently.
In this geological era, the ANTHROPOCENE.
The term indicates the era in which the entire terrestrial environment, in all its physical, chemical and biological characteristics, is conditioned by the effects of human action.
That is, in a nutshell, from pollution.

“Aria” suggests that Art can and must open the way to new sensibilities. In the name of the common interest, working together with science.
TOMÁS SARACENO, hopes for a perspective where it will be important to “focus less on individuality and more on reciprocity”.
And so “ARIA” born.
The particular exhibition is built around 33 special cards of “tarot”, reinvented by the artist and developed in 9 rooms.
At the center of everything, the figure of the spider and its cobwebs.
Perfect metaphor for the bonds of all that exists in nature. We are all tied together. We are all ONE.
That is, we humans, animals, the vegetable and mineral kingdom, the air we breathe and the water we drink, under the light of the sun that illuminates our galaxy.
And each of us.


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