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The “Forte di Belvedere” the spectacular open air museum of the city of Florence, home to all summer the extraordinary exhibition “Human” by British artist Antony Gormley, one of the most acclaimed sculptors if not the first, at the international level.

“Human” see together over a hundred works by Gormley in the inner rooms of the building, on the ramparts, on the steps and terraces, taking up each side of the fortress dates back to the sixteenth century with its stunning views of the city and the surrounding Tuscan hills.

Among the works on display, note the installation “Critical Mass” was originally conceived in 1995 by a former tram depot in Vienna and called an “anti-monument that evokes all the victims of the twentieth century.”
On display there are two adaptations. On the one hand, in the area east of the lower terrace, the 12 “poses” of “Critical Mass” are arranged in a linear progression, that ranges from fetal pose to that of the man who split the stars.
On the opposite side, the same bodies are placed on each other in a confused heap to represent the dark side behind every idea of ​​human progress.

An exhibition that does not go unnoticed.

Forte di Belvedere.
HUMAN. Antony Gormley
From April 25 to September 27, 2015
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